Andy explaining ways to explain what really matters at an Everyone Together event

What we know

We know that small changes can make a big difference. Over the past few years we have helped create many successful solutions in a wide range of social and cultural situations. We love to share these stories. Together, people can create more innovative and powerful results that really work! We also know how we think about what matters to us is crucial, thinking differently about what matters and what is important to you can make a significant difference to the way you organise and direct your own support.

Andy explaining ways to explain what really matters at an Everyone Together event

Self-directed Support

Self-directed Support is a principled way of changing the way social care and other forms of support get to happen. Read more about Self-directed Support.

Examples of one group's version of the bottom line on a graphic recording at an Everyone Together workshop

The Bottom Line

Everyone has a bottom-line. The problem is that we often don’t realise what it is until it’s been crossed. Then, we can become cross, frustrated, speechless or sometimes so angry we can’t think about what to do next. Exploring the bottom-line for you when you plan or direct your own support can be essential. Read more about the Bottom Line.

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What Matters and Why

This is in the opposite direction to the bottom-line. It’s about being as clear as you can be about what really matters to you and why and how that must happen. When we focus too much on only practical things or day to day help we can miss the bigger picture. When that occurs, the support we get may not be sustainable because what really matters in our life doesn’t get to happen in the way it needs to happen. Read more about What matters and Why.

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Real Wealth

Real wealth is a different way of thinking about what you need to live a good life and also about the resources that you have available to you. We often think of resources as being about things or money. But some of the most important resources we have are in our relationships and in our knowledge of the world and the awareness we have about our own strengths, passions and interests. Read more about Real Wealth.